Introducing appointed directors

Introducing appointed directors to the board can be a contentious subject.

It can often mean that existing directors who are elected and represent regions will need to vote themselves off of the board and also give up their power to choose who will be on the board with them.

On this page we currently have two case studies of good governance in introducing appointed directors:

British Gymnastics – Alan Sommerville, former chief executive and current chair of British Gymnastics discusses how the organisation introduced appointed directors to their board and the process by which they dealt with the resistance faced.

Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) – The IOG has moved from a board of fully elected directors to a board of 12 appointed directors based on skills, with four independent voting directors. Geoff Webb, CEO of the IOG, discusses how changes were made and what advice he would give to other organisations.

For more information on any of the case studies contact the governance team.

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