General Election 2017

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You'll find the Sport and Recreation Alliance's reaction to the results from the General Election 2017 and what this could mean for the sport and recreation sector. 


Sport and Recreation Alliance reaction to Queen’s Speech

Yesterday, the Queen officially opened Parliament and delivered the Government’s proposed legislative and policy agenda for the next two years.  

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, the Alliance’s Chief Executive, Emma Boggis, said: “We knew that Brexit would be Government’s primary focus and that is clearly reflected in the proposed measures set out in the Queen’s Speech. While there are no major measures aimed specifically at sport and recreation, we know that the sector has an important role to play in helping to achieve the new Government’s policy agenda so we will continue to work with politicians from all sides of the House to promote the power of sport and recreation as set out in our manifesto

"We are also pleased with the commitments from the Government around mental health. They demonstrate that Government has a role to play in helping break down the stigma still attached to this issue. Maintaining a focus on mental health will provide an opportunity for the Alliance and its partners to continue to highlight the positive impact of our Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation. Similarly, we hope that one of the proposed Finance Bills will include the promised corporation tax deductions for grassroots sport dropped at the end of the last parliament. 

"Particularly given the amount of time needed in the legislative programme to manage the implications of BREXIT we will be looking for other opportunities to influence the parliamentary agenda –  through our engagement and policy work, and through the APPG for Sport. We look forward to continuing our work with Government and politicians from all parties to make sure that sport and recreation remains at the heart of the new parliament." 

The Queen’s Speech usually takes place every year. However, the Government last week announced that there will be no Queen’s Speech next year so that legislative time is dedicated to scrutinising Brexit legislation.

The Alliance will be looking out for the new Bills announced in the Queen’s Speech and will consult with our members and wider stakeholders to make sure the sport and recreation sector’s interests are protected and promoted in Parliament. 


Emma Boggis, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, welcomes reappointment of Culture Secretary and Sports Minister

“I warmly welcome the reappointment of both the Culture Secretary and the Sports Minister and look forward to continuing to build on our existing relationship with both Ministers and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).  

“Given the current political uncertainty, these re-appointments provide important continuity for the sector and we look forward to re-engaging with DCMS, our members and wider stakeholders including a number of other government departments to take forward our manifesto and truly put sport and recreation at the heart of an active nation.

"We want to see the Government deliver on the commitments set out in Sporting Future to have a genuinely cross departmental approach to sport and recreation recognising the contribution the sector can make to a number of public policy challenges, including improved mental health, economic growth and social cohesion.

"We will also be making the case to ministers to commit to promises already made: to put more money into school sport, to introduce Corporation Tax reforms to support grassroots sport and to protect the outdoors so that everyone has the opportunity to get active.” 


Emma Boggis, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, calls on the new Government to recognise the contribution of the sport and recreation sector and to take a genuinely joined-up approach to get the whole nation active.

Emma Boggis said that despite the further uncertainty caused by a hung parliament, the impact the sport and recreation sector can have on some of our biggest public policy challenges must be recognised.

“The Sport and Recreation Alliance looks forward to working with the new Government and with other political parties to make sure that sport and recreation remains firmly at the heart of the policy debate. Although the exact make up of the new Government is still not certain, the results of last night will certainly mean that there will be new Ministers to engage with across a number of key departments, including the Department for Education and HM Treasury. We will be working hard to engage with all of them once they are appointed so that they appreciate the contribution the sector can make to delivering their policy outcomes.

“And of course, with Brexit negotiations due to start imminently the Alliance will be working closely with our members, Government and wider stakeholders to make sure that the voice of the sector is heard to achieve the best outcomes for sport and recreation.

“As we made clear in our reaction to the manifestos, it was disappointing that physical activity did not feature more prominently in the parties’ commitments. We encourage incoming Ministers to look again at our manifesto for a clear understanding of the most important issues the sector needs support on from the next Government.

“At the Sport and Recreation Alliance we believe that sport and recreation has the power to change lives and bring communities together. One might argue this is needed more than ever.”


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