2006 – 2010

Facilities InquiryThe Facilities Inquiry (2010)

The Sport and Recreation Alliance was behind this report, an independent inquiry into the quantity, quality and use of facilities in the UK.

Chaired by John Inverdale, with a panel made up of some of the most influential people in sport and recreation, the inquiry launched its report in June 2010.

Despite nine in ten people (88%) saying that there were not enough sport and recreation facilities in the UK the inquiry found that the UK does, but that they are not in good enough condition and in some cases not even available for use.




Sports Club Survey imageSports Club Survey 2009 (2009)

Our biennial research into the health of sports clubs, taking a snapshot of club finances, membership levels, facility usage and future challenges and opportunities.

With responses from over 3,000 clubs across the UK the results make fascinating reading. This survey was conducted independently by the Sports Industry Research Centre (SIRC).






Get the Ball RollingGetting the Ball Rolling (2009)

A report detailing the potential impact of sport for developing communities under the policy priorities of the Labour Government (1997-2010).

Although this document is based on public service agreements which no longer stand, the principles within demonstrate how sport contributes to public services and community wellbeing in ways that remain interesting and relevant.






The economic and social impact of sports club research pictureSports Clubs: Their Economic and Social Impact (2006)

On behalf of the Alliance, the Carnegie Research Institute at Leeds Metropolitan University investigated the contribution made by sports clubs to the economic and social benefit provided to the wider community.

The research focuses on 54 sports clubs within Leeds and explores expenditure by clubs, expenditure by club members, volunteering roles, reasons for volunteering and not volunteering and attitudes towards volunteering in sport.



For more information about the research carried out by the Sport and Recreation Alliance contact Syann Cox.

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