2000 – 2005

A Review of the Economic Value of Countryside Recreation and SportsA Review of the Economic Value of Countryside Recreation and Sports (2005)

Commissioned by the Alliance and Sport England, the Tourism Leisure and Environmental Change Research Unit conducted an analysis of published evidence on the economic value of countryside sport and recreation.

The findings demonstrate the value and accountability of the field of countryside sport and recreation as a component of sport and recreation, of tourism, and of environmental activities broadly.


Citizenship in ActionCitizenship in Action, Voluntary Sector Sport and Recreation (2003)

The University of Sheffield undertook an evaluation into the research evidence on the contribution of voluntary sector sport and recreation to the agenda of the Active Community Unit.

The research commissioned by the Alliance confirmed the scale and importance of the sport and recreation sector's contribution to formal volunteering, especially by the national governing bodies and their clubs.


Saving Lives saving moneySaving Lives, Saving Money (2002)

Sport and recreation has a key role to play in delivering the Government’s public health agenda, and will help to reduce the long term costs of health care whilst improving people’s quality of life.

This research analysed the 2001 physical activity plans from 55 health authorities in England and Wales to ascertain the extent of the plans with a view to highlighting and spreading best practice.

The research concluded that there is a need for greater emphasis on sport and recreation throughout central, regional and local plans to promote public health.


Everybody Wins researchEverybody Wins -Sport and Social Inclusion (2002)

A report collating case studies to outline the beneficial role of sport in crime prevention, health, education, social cohesion and regeneration.

This research suggests that social inclusion can be tackled through sport and that doing so can provide a high return on investment.



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