Useful links

If you want to keep track of what is happening in Parliament or need access to information about legislation, committees or all-party groups, the following links might be useful. 

1. The official Parliament website contains a wealth of information, including a calendar of upcoming business, a list of recess dates and a healthy library of debates, questions and reports.

There is also a searchable database of Early Day Motions and an indispensable resource allowing you to track the progress of Bills as they progress through Parliament. 

2. If you want to follow Parliamentary proceedings as they happen, you can do so via the live audio and visual feeds on the Parliament website. However, the BBC offers a far more more complete coverage on the Democracy Live section of its website.

3. The Parliament website also provides key information about each of the Parliamentary select committees, including a list of members, a schedule of future business and links to published reports.  

4. All-party groups provide another mechanism for Parliamentarians to come together to promote sport and recreation. A long list of groups is updated regularly, including information about the officers and contact details for each. 

5. is the best resource for keeping tabs on the activities of MPs and Peers, providing easily accessible information including voting and attendance records. 

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