2017 European Week of Sport

In our five year strategy, The Heart of an Active Nation we set out how to shape the future landscape of sport and recreation. We're specifically focusing on grassroots sport and recreation because that is the area which needs most support to get the nation active.

Providing opportunities to encourage the inactive to try new sport and recreational activities is key, but we understand that a lack of funding can be a barrier to starting or maintaining current projects that work within local communities.

This is why we want to let you know about the Aviva Community Fund, which launches on 12 September to give community projects, including those working in sport and recreation, the chance to win funding that will change lives.

Community projects of all sizes have the chance to win, with four funding levels, ranging from up to £1,000 to up to £25,000.

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To be eligible, your project must enrich the community, making positive changes to people’s lives in one of these four categories:

  • Health and wellbeing - The health and wellbeing category aims to help people take control of their physical and mental health. This is the category for any project linked to physical or mental health, sport, outdoor pursuits or anything of that nature.
  • Skills for life - The skills for life category aims to help communities and individuals improve their lives by learning useful new skills, particularly digital ones. Projects in this category can help people of all ages – from schools to groups for older people – develop skills to make their lives easier or more fulfilling.
  • Community support - The community support category aims to help communities make their surroundings and aspects of their life sustainable. From regeneration projects to local support groups, this category offers support for anything that is important to your wider community, including community events.
  • Inclusivity - The inclusivity category aims to help projects bring people together, no matter what their faith, colour, gender, abilities or sexual orientation. Projects in this category will help build relationships and develop closer ties within the community.

This year the first 200 projects in the £1,000 funding level who reach 1,000 votes will automatically get £1,000 (subject to due diligence checks).With more chances than ever before to win, get involved today and share this opportunity with your local clubs and community projects!

If you're planning an event as part of the European Week of Sport you can use the assets below, just right click on image to save. 


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