Hollis Sponsorship Awards 2013: Nominations open

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Mon, 26/11/2012 - 15:20

Sport and recreation organisations can submit their entries for the Hollis Sponsorship Awards 2013, taking place on 26 March 2013 at the London Marriott Hotel.

The Awards, partnered by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, are an opportunity for organisations to demonstrate how effective their sports sponsorship campaigns have been in achieving both the client and the rights holder’s objectives over the past year – by:

  • introducing the sport, and hence the sponsor, to new audiences
  • allowing the client to become more involved in the community
  • enabling the workforce to contribute to the community
  • selling a product or service and  increasing visibility
  • changing brand focus
  • increasing inclusion in the sport or recreational activity.

Award categories particularly relevant for sport include:

  • Grassroots Sports Sponsorship – supported by the Sport and Recreation Alliance
  • Sports Sponsorship – supported by Sport England
  • Charity & Community Sponsorship
  • First Time Sponsor Award – Sponsored by Sponsorium
  • Special Award for the Best Low Budget Sponsorship
  • and a new Olympic category to take into account the specific sponsorship activity surrounding the London 2012 Games.

A full list of the different categories to enter can be found on the Hollis Sponsorship Awards website.

Submissions can either be for a stand-alone campaign or one element of a much larger sponsorship agenda.

The different categories will also recognise excellence and effectiveness across the sector, no matter what the budget.

The deadline to submit early bird entries is 14 December with the final submission deadline being 21 January 2013.

To keep up to date with news about the Hollis Sponsorship Awards email: info@sponsorship-awards.co.uk.

Full information can be found at www.sponsorship-awards.co.uk, by emailing info@sponsorship-awards.co.uk or calling 020 8891 1067.

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