October policy update

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Wed, 31/10/2012


1.1 Alliance launches The Game of Life

The Sport and Recreation Alliance has published The Game of Life, a detailed literature review which brings evidence together from over 350 resources and makes a compelling case for the individual and societal benefits of sport and recreation.

The Game of Life is available as a full review or in separate chapters which outline the key themes of physical health, mental health, education and employment, antisocial behaviour and crime, and social cohesion. Eye-catching infographic summaries are also available.

For more information or to order hard copies of the infographic summaries contact Syann Cox.

1.2 Alliance releases Olympic legacy survey

Months on from the Olympics, a survey of 475 UK sports clubs carried out by the Sport and Recreation Alliance shows that three in four clubs feel the Government hasn’t done enough to help community sport create a legacy of participation.

The survey also shows that whilst 42% of sports clubs have experienced an increase in the number of people joining since the London 2012 Games, a quarter (26%) of these clubs are struggling to meet this demand

Other topline results are available from the Alliance’s website and more in-depth analysis will also be available soon. To find out more about the survey contact Syann Cox.

1.3 Move It: Why aren’t young people being more active?

As the Alliance’s Game of Life research highlights, the benefits of sport and recreation can be far-reaching for both individuals and society.

With this in mind, the Young Foundation has produced Move It, a report examining participation in sport and physical activity in England and in particular why more young people aren’t being active.

The Alliance’s view
Calling for a youth-centred sports policy, a co-ordinated delivery of sport, better leverage of current funding streams and better use of data tracking, this report makes succinct but radical recommendations for the sport and recreation sector which the Alliance wholly supports.


2.1 ESA produces new alcohol sponsorship guidelines

The European Sponsorship Association (ESA) has been working with sports rights holders and the alcohol industry to develop guidelines for best practice to ensure a responsible approach to alcohol sponsorship is adopted by the whole industry.

The Alliance’s view
The guidelines provide general guidance on alcohol sponsorship principles that we recommend all those involved in alcohol sponsorship follow. They also contain suggested legal clauses that reflect these guidelines and which can be used within appropriate sponsorship contracts.

For further information about ESA and its work to ensure that alcohol sponsorship in sport is marketed responsibly email info@sponsorship.org.

2.2 New banking guide for sports clubs

The Charity Finance Group in collaboration with the British Bankers' Association has produced a guide to assist treasurers and other people responsible for the financial management of clubs, charities and voluntary organisations.

The guide provides information and practical advice on the key aspects for clubs and voluntary organisations to consider, from selecting and opening a suitable bank account to understanding fees and charges.

If you have any questions about the guide contact Mel Jezierska at the Charity Finance Group.

2.3 Changes made to public rights of way

The Growth and Infrastructure Bill, introduced in the House of Commons this month, contains clauses which make amendments to the existing rights of way legislation in England.

The first amendment removes the current constraint that a rights of way diversion or stopping up order can be made only after planning permission has been granted. The second amendment enables a landowner to deposit a map and statement showing admitted public paths.

The Alliance’s view
The Alliance believes that these amendments are helpful and should not hinder the rights of the public. It is also important to note that these changes are separate to the matters considered by the recent consultation on public rights of way legislation.

If you have any questions or comments contact Martin Key.


3.1 EU launches public VAT consultation

The European Commission has launched a public consultation into reduced VAT rates in the EU to establish whether they act as an obstacle to the internal market, have any distortive effects, or conflict with arrangements in other policy areas.

The Alliance’s view
The current EU VAT Directive makes a number of provisions that are directly applicable to sport, such as exemptions for the construction of sporting infrastructure, and reduced rates for admission to sporting events and the use of sports facilities.

Unfortunately, the UK does not take advantage of all of these provisions at present, but a number of other member states such as Holland and Denmark do.

It will be beneficial to defend the existing reduced rates and highlight that they are of great benefit to sport and wider society through lowering costs for participants and sports bodies alike.

For more information contact David Foster or visit the Alliance’s consultation tracker.

3.2 Ministry of Defence reviews land access

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has conducted a statutory five-year access review on land dedicated under the CROW Act 2000, which has been restricted for purposes of national security or defence.

The MOD has 21 of these sites and seeks views on their current restriction levels. Many of these sites allow some public access but restrictions may apply at certain times.

The Alliance’s view
The Alliance recommends that members consult with local contacts that may have knowledge of these sites. If members have concerns about how current legislative powers are being used, contact Martin Key.


4.1 EU launches online gambling action plan

The European Commission has published an action plan for online gambling which outlines the coordinated online gambling actions it intends to take over the next two years.

The paper looks at issues such as consumer protection and the prevention of fraud and also at safeguarding the integrity of sports from match-fixing.

The Commission is looking to adopt best practice to prevent betting-related match-fixing and will continue to compliment the work of other actors such as the Council of Europe and member states.

The Alliance’s view
Although the plan is broadly positive for sport in Europe, it is disappointing that the paper fails to mention anything about the protection on commercial sports rights in relation to betting.

If betting companies were obliged to pay for the right to offer bets on sporting events then the additional money could be directed into supporting efforts to combat match-fixing and betting-related corruption in sport.

For more information on European policy or sports betting issues contact David Foster.


5.1 Party conference report

Another busy political party conference season has been and gone and at all three conferences the Alliance was out in force, taking meetings, distributing briefings, catching up with supportive friends and making a few new ones.

To read all about what happened there, read Simon Butler’s blog.

The Alliance’s view
The party conference season gave the Alliance plenty to think about and follow up on, and we will continue to work with members to ensure we maximise the value we get from them. If you have any thoughts please get in touch with Simon Butler.


6.1 New mobile payments scheme

The Payments Council is currently developing a new mobile payments scheme due to be operational from 2013.

The scheme uses a central database that links mobile phone numbers to account details, meaning that once you have signed up, all you need to know is the recipient’s phone number in order to send them a payment.

The Alliance’s view
The new scheme will allow people to make payments using just their smartphone device and may be particularly useful for making quick payments on the move, such as paying for match fees or club events, without the need for cash or access to a computer.

It may also be useful for making payments at sports clubs that do not have a fixed location, such as cycling or angling clubs, where collecting other forms of payments may be more difficult.

For more information visit the Payments Council website or contact David Foster.




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