Improvements to the policy and legal framework for public rights of way

Mon, 06/08/2012
Key issues: 

This consultation builds on the recommendations of 'Stepping Forward' to reform the system of recording public rights of way (PROW), including:

  • confirming the intention to keep the 2026 cut-off date for recording pre-1949 PROW
  • recommedning the extension of reforms to all public path orders
  • suggesting changes to the the process of altering PROW affected by the proposed developments.
Relevant for: 

All users of public rights of way.

How to reply: 
  • The Alliance's Access Working Group has called on the government to implement the recommendationso of the 'Stepping Forward' report in full.
  • The Alliance is pleased that the consultation appears to support this policy.
  • The proposals to reform public path orders and PROW affected by proposed developments appear to cut unecessary red tape.
  • The Alliance will consult with its members to ensure that the proposals do not conflict with the interest of user groups.

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