Alcohol strategy consultation

Wed, 06/02/2013
Key issues: 
  • This consultation seeks views on five key areas set out in the Government's alcohol strategy which was published on 23 March 2012 (please find this attached below).
  • While much of this consultation deals with issues that are not directly relevant to sport and sports clubs (such as minimum unit pricing and bans on multi-buy promotions), there are some aspects relating to licensing and reducing burdens on businesses that may be pertinent in certain circumstances. These can be broadly welcomed since they aim to free up volunteer time and reduce licencing burdens for clubs with bars or those organising community events.  


Relevant for: 
  • Sports clubs with bars
  • Clubs holding community or charitable events where alcohol is provided or sold
  • Sports governing bodies
How to reply: 
  • There are 35 questions in the consultation document. The first few sections deal with broad issues relating to the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour associated with alcohol (minimum pricing, bans on multi-buy promotions, mandatory licensing conditions).
  • Perhaps of more relevance to our members and their clubs will be section nine on 'Freeing up responsible businesses'. Questions 16-33 cover issues such as ancillary sales and licensing, temporary events notices (TENs) for community events and burdens associated with applying for a club premises licence.
  • Respondents may also wish to express concern around plans for health bodies to be granted powers to block licences, while clubs may appreciate more clarity around what constitutes an 'irresponsible promotion'.
  • It is also a shame that there is no mention of standardising the renewal date for licences (as is the case for business rates and gambling licences) as this would help volunteers to renew them on time.  
  • To complete the consultation, fill in the online form attached to the consultation document and send it to



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