Governance training programme

Director training


Director Training ()
This workshop will be run in partnership with the Non-Executive Directors Association (NEDA) and will equip Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and aspiring NEDs with the skillset they need to become ‘board ready’.

Accountability and transparency: Best practices for protecting credibility and promoting transparency


Accountability and transparency ()
This one hour webinar will discuss what measures organisations can take to protect their credibility and how promoting transparency and accountability through effective and open engagement with their members contributes to this. 

Improving board effectiveness 


Improving Board Effectiveness   ()
This workshop will look to support individuals in board roles to understand the elements of practice and behaviour which contribute to effectively operating boards. The training will look at the importance of a board's role in understanding and evaluating its own role and how it contributes to their organisation.

Engaging with the sport and recreation landscape: The future of sports political agenda and how we fit in


Engaging with the Sport and Recreation Landscape ()
A conversation between the Alliance, an NGB representative and a Government representative; discussing how the political landscape impacts on governance in the sport sector, why it's important that boards of sport and recreation organisations consider this as part of their strategy and risk management processes and how senior executives and non-executives can engage to positively influence the impact on their own areas of work.

Board structure: Promoting gender diversity in sports ‘power positions’, recruitment and selection


Board Structure ()
How can you turn good will into good practice? This podcast considers how to improve gender diversity in board and senior executive positions, including practical actionable tips to help you improve your organisation's recruitment and induction processes.

Board diversity - exploring unconscious bias


Board diversity - exploring unconscious bias ()
This workshop will explore the impact of unconscious bias and will challenge individuals to identify their own biases and how these can impact their organisation.

Vision and mission: Establishing the right vision and mission for your organisation 


Vision and Mission ()
An organisation's vision and mission define the strategic direction of the organisation; guiding the work that it does and the decisions it makes. Along with case studies demonstrating how this can be implemented successfully, the webinar will provide practical guidance to help you develop your own vision, mission and strategy as well as tips on how to implement these throughout your organisation.

Managing risk


Managing risk ()
A guide to best practice in risk management for the boards and senior executives of sport and recreation bodies. Taking steps to consider and mitigate potential risks can help organisations to safeguard delivery strategic objectives and provide continuity in times of crisis. This workshop will provide practical tips and guidance to help you make your organisation fit for the future.