Top 10 best free sport and fitness apps

Photos of smartphonesSmart phones are in. Almost a third of mobile phone owners in the UK in 2011 had a smartphone and year on year more and more people have decided to get extra from their phone.

So with the rise in smartphones, has there been any nifty apps developed to delight and entertain the sport and recreation lovers amongst us? You betcha!

From sports news to finding facilities we’ve sought high and low to bring you the 10 best sport and fitness apps.

So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Strava Cycling app

The Strava Cycling app will be familiar to any of you that read our blog on wearable technology and it is a GPS tracker with a difference.

Lots of cycling apps out there measure your speed, distance and elevation as you cycle like Strava does, but what’s unique is that it also allows you to compete with other cyclists who have ridden the same "segment" of road or trail. It’s like doing a time trial in Mario Kart but in real life!

Platform: Android, iOS.

2. ECB app

If you’re a cricket fan then this app is sure to bowl you over. The ECB sports app allows you to follow all England matches at home and overseas (which would have been both a blessing and a curse during the last Ashes series), every countries' international Test and ODI fixtures, as well as your favourite county side while you are out and about.

You can also get push alerts as wickets fall from the matches that you are especially keen to follow.

Platform: Android, iOS

3. Speedo Fit

Photo of a girl swimmingYes the Speedo Fit app is another one of those ‘Quantified Self’ (ie activity logger) apps that allows you to create a profile, log your swims and track just how you’re doing in your swimming goals.

But what makes Speedo Fit really special is its nifty little map integration which means that if you travel a lot you can find your nearest pool – including information about the times for lane swimming.

Platform: iOS

4. Workout Trainer app

Want to use technology to help you get fit? Well the Workout Trainer is a great little sports app which demonstrates a huge range of different workouts. These workouts vary in length and intensity and can target different areas of the body.

What’s more most routines have pictures to help show you the ropes and some even have a digital personal trainer to explain.

Platform: Android, iOS.

5. BBC Sport app

Want to keep up to date with all the latest goings on in sport and never miss a thing? Well auntie knows best! The official BBC Sport app has a plethora of sports news, stats, fixtures and results all updated throughout the day.

You can even watch events live or catch up with on-demand highlights and listen to BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra while you browse. What more could you want?

Platform: Android, Kindle, iOS.

6. National Cycle Network app

Photo of cycling in the national cycle networkOur members, Sustrans, have developed this app which is a real gift for both cyclist and walkers. The app is essentially a map, but it shows the whole national cycle network – stretches to over 13,000 miles across the UK and is within one mile of 58% of the British population.

It’s the perfect way to get to know where you can walk and with a little practice, will let you go for longer tours without getting lost!

Platform: iOS

7. Kick it out app

Ever been to a footie match and seen or heard something totally out of line? Well this app from Kick It Out is an easy way for match goers to report incidents of discrimination or abuse they see, hear or are on the receiving end of via its unique reporting function.

It anonymously informs those in charge at the stadium and means that allows them to investigate right away while you get on and enjoy the game.

Platform: Android, iOS

8. The Official RFU iPhone app

The Official RFU iPhone app, sponsored by O2, is the best way to stay in touch with English Rugby on the move, from grassroots to the England Team.

You get live news, match commentary and team line-ups and match statistics.

If you are off to Twickenham you can also quickly find your way around the seats, pubs, bars near the stadium and the surrounding area and nab yourself tickets.

Platform: iOS.

9. Fill that hole app

Road works photoEver been blindsided by an unseen pothole when running or cycling? Ever done it again and again before its fixed? Well no more with the Fill that hole sport and fitness app from the CTC.

Use a simple form on the app to fill in details of the offending hole, take a photo, click submit and the information will be forwarded on to the appropriate authorities – perfect!

Platform: iOS.

10. SmartRunner

The SmartRunner sport and fitness app is a trip logger that will track your location via GPS and let you know how long, how far, how many calories and where you’ve been. It covers 14 sports, from cycling to skiing and its interface is slick making the experience user-friendly.

What’s more it also gives the boasters amongst you the opportunity to upload those stats via Twitter and Facebook.

Platform: Android, , Blackberry, iOS, Symbian.

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