30/11/2012: Sport and recreation in the news this week

Photo of Tim Lamb, CEO of the Sport and Recreation AllianceLooking at all the news this week, there is a story that, I’m sure, won’t have escaped your attention and that is the government’s decision to scrap the planned merger between UK Sport and Sport England.

We at the Alliance feel that, looking forward, what’s important now is that UK Sport and Sport England work closely together – to learn from one another – and continue to fulfil their different roles in supporting national governing bodies at both grassroots and elite level.

The proposed merger has caused a fair amount of uncertainty in the sector so it’s good that we can now move on.

In other news, the London 2012 Aquatics centre has begun its transformation as the temporary wings have taken flight with organisers promising that “what was iconic in Games time will be even more iconic in legacy”.

It certainly must be a busy time at the London Legacy Development Corporation, as the future of the Olympic stadium also now appears to be settled, with West Ham as occupants of a multisport arena believed to be the preferred option.

However, it must be said that recent actions on the terraces of West Ham could not be further from the Olympic spirit – with reports of anti-Semitic chanting not only distressing and embarrassing their own players but also causing their team to be investigated by the FA.

But these incidents haven’t seemed to have dampened the enduring world-wide appeal of the Premier League which announced TV deals totalling an eye-watering £5.5bn this week.

People often talk about the ‘good’ old days when it comes to football but as this fascinating Guardian article about football in the 1920’s reveals, football clubs have a history of having an eye for the main chance.

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