29/06/12: The news this week

A lot of this week’s news focused on Sport England, who released its Active People survey results last Friday.

With such high expectations stemming from the bid for London 2012, it's perhaps not surprising that the survey’s results have come under scrutiny from The Guardian and The Independent.

But the good news lies in Sport England’s headline figure, which shows that for the first time, the number of people in England playing sport every week has topped 15 million.

Figures also revealed an increase in the number of adults with a disability taking part in sport every week, which shows that the English Federation of Disability Sport and others are doing a great job.

Another story covered by the BBC was the announcement that sports bodies could lose cash unless they improve their governance.

Governance is a key priority for the Alliance, and there is a whole host of tools, guidance, projects and workshops available for sport and recreational bodies on our website.

You can also read one of our staff blogs which highlights what we're doing to lead the way in governance for the sport and recreation sector across Europe.

Until next week.



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