14/12/2012: Sport and Recreation in the news this week

Photo of the Sport and Recreation Alliance's CEO Tim LambThe week started with the BBC posing the question of how can we get more women in sport? This is an issue that has long been of keen interest to the Alliance and our members, with the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF) leading the way in the battle for equality.

A little known fact is the Alliance’s role in this – we (as CCPR) organised the first ever national conference on women in sport.

Decades on and we may just be at a tipping point. The Olympics and Paralympics highlighted the amazing performances of women athletes, with Jessica Ennis, Ellie Simmonds and Katherine Grainger leading the charge for this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year – and more strides have been made since with Debbie Flood making history as the first female rowing captain at the Leander Club.

So too in the media world, where Clare Balding managed to outshine her male colleagues and is now striving to use the increased profile she has gained to call for a greater representation of women covering sports in the media.

In another aspect of equality, one of our member organisations has been addressing issues that have dominated the press in recent weeks and months.

The FA has put together a 92-point Football Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Action Plan to try and prevent any more unsavoury incidents from occurring.

This is great news and following on from some stern words from both Lord Ouseley and Heather Rabbatts, it’s good to see that The FA has led the way with its anti-racism drive.

And finally, this week it emerged that there are more people Vitali Klitschko just won’t fight – only this time, they are politicians!

Almost unbelievably, a political scrum in the Ukrainian Parliament turned into an actual scrum over a particularly contentious bill, but luckily world heavyweight champion and politician Klitschko kept his faith with sporting values and stayed well out of it.

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