Ten ways to use Twitter to improve your conferences

The Sport and Recreation Alliance – the umbrella organisation for sport and recreation – brings you a blog written by Stephen Hillier from our partners The Media Group (TMG), on how to use Twitter to enthrall and engage people with your conferences.

Twitter is a fantastic tool you can use to engage an audience and build your network. Used effectively, Twitter can help you to run a successful conference.

Here are ten easy ways you can use Twitter to get the most out of your next conference:

  1. Create a buzz:

    Start to use Twitter weeks, even months, before your conference to promote the event and encourage people to attend.

    Use it to announce venues, speakers and to build a community who are looking forward to and discussing your conference.

  2. Set an official conference hashtag

    An official hashtag (#) will encourage conversations and provide a searchable history of related discussions.

    The hashtag should be simple and unique to your conference and easy to find on your marketing materials, slides, conference website and signs around the venue.

    You could transfer the best tweets to big screens around the venue to provide an interactive nature to your conference and reward tweeters with recognition.

  3. Participate in conversations

    By tracking your official hashtag you can monitor what people are talking about and participate in the conversations – answering any queries and improving the delegate experience.

  4. Run Question and Answer sessions
    A photo of how to use twitter to answer questions
    Asking delegates to tweet their questions for speakers or a panel discussion can ensure that the key issues are being discussed and you are meeting your delegates’ objectives.
  5. Monitor popular content

    By monitoring Twitter activity for different speakers or presenters, you will gain real-time feedback and opinions on their content and performance.

    This insight can help you to plan your next conference.

  6. Ask questions

    You can use Twitter to ask questions to delegates and ask for their opinions.

    This can you give you instant feedback on aspects such as the venue, speakers, catering and so on.

  7. Post official announcements

    Any changes to the schedule can be communicated via Twitter. You can also use Twitter to promote any event networking opportunities or introduce exhibitors/sponsors, and so on.

  8. Post conference content – videos/presentations/blogs

    By posting links to relevant content you can encourage people to share and promote your content and reach a wider audience.

    You should use a link tracking service like Bitly to monitor what content is being clicked and therefore what works and what doens't.

  9. Gain new followers

    Twitter can expose your brand to new people who are interested in the topics you are covering. You can build up a community of followers who are a great audience for promoting your future events and conferences.

    You can also direct new followers to find out more on your website or to sign-up to an existing mailing list to keep them involved with your communications.

  10. Find new people to follow

    By searching through delegates' Twitter networks and monitoring the conference hashtag, you can access a wider network of people with your shared interests.

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