What do we campaign about?

What does the Sport and Recreation Alliance campaign about?

Our membership is incredibly diverse – our national governing body (NGB) members represent everyone from football to folkdance, from rugby to rounders – so we campaign on a wide range of issues which change as matters are resolved or as new issues emerge.

Purely to give you a flavour of the kind of issues we campaign on, here are just four current examples:

  1. The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Legacy
    The organisers of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games promised that the games would be the first to achieve a lasting legacy of sporting participation. The Sport and Recreation Alliance is leading the campaign to ensure that the plans and investment are in place in time to make sure this happens.
  2. The regulatory burden on sports and recreation clubs
    The vast majority of sports clubs are run by volunteers. They find it incredibly frustrating when faced with red tape or bureaucracy when what most of them really want to do is pass on the passion they have for their sport or activity. The Sport and Recreation Alliance is working with the Government to pinpoint the causes of these frustrations through its Regulatory Burden Review and is always lobbying to reduce the bureaucracy affecting the nation’s clubs.
  3. Attracting major sporting events to the UK
    Major international events like the Olympics and the World Cup Finals have enormous benefits for the host country. They stimulate the economy, increase skills, help boost participation and put cities on the map. Because of this, bidding for major events is incredibly competitive. The Sport and Recreation Alliance is campaigning to ensure that the UK is best placed to win the right to host events by introducing a series of measures which rights holders evaluate in the bidding process.
  4. Improving access to our waterways and countryside
    Many outdoor activities rely upon good access to the great outdoors. The Sport and Recreation Alliance is working with a range of stakeholders to improve access across the country and to maintain the balance between outdoor pursuits and conservation.

To find out more about these campaigns, or other areas of our work, explore the site or get in touch by telephone or email. We’re a pretty friendly bunch.

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